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Anthurium – 55cm


Year-Round Flowering: The Anthurium is exceptional for its ability to produce beautiful flowers throughout the year, bringing constant color and vibrancy to any indoor setting.

Variety of Colors: This plant offers a stunning array of flower colors, ranging from classic reds, whites, and pinks to more exotic shades like purple, green, and brown, making it a versatile choice to complement any interior decor.

Easy Maintenance and Home Delivery: Ideal for both homes and offices, the Anthurium is easy to care for, requiring minimal maintenance. Plus, enjoy the convenience of having this stunning indoor plant delivered directly to your home, ready to enhance your living or working space.

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Discover the enchanting allure of the Anthurium, a radiant indoor plant renowned for its stunning flowers. Also known as the Flamingo Plant in the Netherlands, this member of the Araceae family, closely related to the calla lily, boasts a rich heritage from the lush regions of South America. With over 600 species, the Anthurium is a celebration of diversity and natural beauty.

Standing out among flowering houseplants, the Anthurium offers a year-round display of blossoms, making it a continuous source of joy and color. Its flowers come in an array of captivating colors including classic red, pristine white, delicate pink, and more exotic hues like purple, green, and brown, catering to every taste and interior design.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the Anthurium is celebrated for its ease of maintenance. It’s one of the few flowering plants that effortlessly adapt to indoor conditions, including office environments. This combination of persistent blooming and low-care needs makes the Anthurium a perfect choice for those seeking to bring a touch of effortless elegance and vibrant color to their homes or workplaces.

Additional Information

The longevity of your flowers depends on the type of flower and the care you provide. Generally, with proper care, most flowers can last 5 – 7 days. We’ll provide care instructions with every bouquet to help you keep them fresh for as long as possible.

Keep them in a cool place, away from direct sunlight. Change the water every 2 days and trim the stems at an angle. Avoid placing them near ripening fruits as they release ethylene gas, which can reduce the flowers’ lifespan.

Keep your sunflowers vibrant longer with our care tips here.

We’ll do our best to leave the flowers with a neighbor and will leave a note for the recipient. If that’s not possible, we’ll bring the bouquet back to our shop for collection. Please refer to our delivery policy for more details.

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