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Cymbidium Delight

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This arrangement combines three distinct Cymbidium orchids: a delicate blush pink, a vibrant magenta, and an eye-catching green with red centers. Each bloom is an embodiment of nature’s elegance, offering a diverse palette of colors and patterns.

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Embrace the exotic charm of our ‘Cymbidium Delight’ bouquet, a symphony of elegance and vibrant colors. This exquisite arrangement showcases the unique beauty of Cymbidium orchids in shades of delicate blush pink, rich magenta, and striking green with red centers. Each orchid in this bouquet is an embodiment of nature’s sophistication and is carefully selected to create a diverse palette of colors and patterns. Order this exotic orchid arrangement online for a luxurious touch to your decor or as an enchanting gift.

Inspiration Behind ‘Cymbidium Delight’

Inspired by the rich diversity of tropical landscapes, ‘Cymbidium Delight’ is a celebration of nature’s vibrant beauty. This bouquet captures the exotic and luxurious essence of Cymbidium orchids, known for their striking colors and long-lasting blooms. Our florists have artfully arranged these orchids to create a bouquet that is both visually stunning and symbolically rich.

Flower Significance

Cymbidium orchids, the stars of the ‘Cymbidium Delight’ bouquet, symbolize love, beauty, and strength. Each color variety in this arrangement adds its own unique meaning; blush pink for innocence and joy, magenta for admiration and gratitude, and green for renewal and good fortune. Together, they form a bouquet that is not only visually appealing but also rich in symbolism.

Care Instructions

Maintain the elegance of your ‘Cymbidium Delight’ bouquet with these care tips:

  • Place the orchids in a vase with fresh water, avoiding direct sunlight.
  • Keep the bouquet in a cool, draft-free environment.
  • Change the water every two days and trim the stems slightly.
  • Remove any spent blooms to enhance the bouquet’s longevity.

Suitable Occasions

‘Cymbidium Delight’ is ideal for a range of occasions. Its exotic and elegant appearance makes it perfect for celebrating special moments, as a luxurious gift, or for adding a touch of sophistication to any space. This bouquet’s striking beauty is sure to make a memorable impression.

Customer Testimonials

  • “The ‘Cymbidium Delight’ bouquet was a true masterpiece. The orchids were absolutely breathtaking and lasted so long.” – Natalie F.
  • “I ordered ‘Cymbidium Delight’ for a corporate event, and it was the center of attention. The colors and arrangement were impeccable.” – David R.
  • “This bouquet brought an exotic and luxurious feel to my space. The orchids are stunning and so unique.” – Lisa M.


Additional Information

The longevity of your flowers depends on the type of flower and the care you provide. Generally, with proper care, most flowers can last 5 – 7 days. We’ll provide care instructions with every bouquet to help you keep them fresh for as long as possible.

Keep them in a cool place, away from direct sunlight. Change the water every 2 days and trim the stems at an angle. Avoid placing them near ripening fruits as they release ethylene gas, which can reduce the flowers’ lifespan.

Keep your sunflowers vibrant longer with our care tips here.

We’ll do our best to leave the flowers with a neighbor and will leave a note for the recipient. If that’s not possible, we’ll bring the bouquet back to our shop for collection. Please refer to our delivery policy for more details.

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