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Flower Delivery Amsterdam Artflor by Flowers & Powers

Weekly Hydrangea


√ Enjoy fresh flowers delivered weekly at your convenience. While we recommend Wednesday for the optimal experience, you have the flexibility to choose any day that suits you best

√ Choose from 4, 8, or 12-week subscription options

√ Each subscription includes a stylish transparent glass vase (as your subscription comes to an end, we will arrange to collect the vase) and covers all delivery costs




Explore the Beauty of Hydrangeas

Discover the charm of hydrangeas with Artflor’s exclusive Hydrangea Subscription. Choose from stunning pink, serene blue, or elegant white hydrangeas, or mix and match for a vibrant display. Our hydrangeas are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality for your enjoyment.

Personalize Your Floral Experience

At Artflor, we value your individual taste. Select any hydrangea bouquet from our extensive collection on our website, ensuring a personalized touch to your floral decor. Whether you prefer a single color or a mix of hues, our hydrangeas are sure to enhance any space with their lush, voluminous blooms.

Consistent Delivery, Tailored to You

Enjoy weekly deliveries of fresh hydrangeas, arriving on the same day and time each week as per your preference. Our prepaid subscription plans are available for 4, 8, or 12 weeks, offering flexibility and convenience.

What’s Included in Your Subscription?

Each delivery includes the hydrangea bouquet of your choice, accompanied by expert care tips and a sachet of Artflor Flower Food. Experience the joy of a new bloom with each delivery, and receive a complimentary vase with your first order.

Customizing Your Order

For specific requests or customizations, feel free to contact us. Our dedicated team is here to ensure that your hydrangea experience is as unique as you are.

Gift an Artflor Subscription

Looking for a special gift? Our Hydrangea Subscription is a perfect choice. With the Artflor Subscription Gift Card, you can send a continuous flow of beauty to someone special, complete with a complimentary vase in their first delivery.


Together, Let’s Explore the Joy of Flowers!


Additional Information

The longevity of your flowers depends on the type of flower and the care you provide. Generally, with proper care, most flowers can last 5 – 7 days. We’ll provide care instructions with every bouquet to help you keep them fresh for as long as possible.

Keep them in a cool place, away from direct sunlight. Change the water every 2 days and trim the stems at an angle. Avoid placing them near ripening fruits as they release ethylene gas, which can reduce the flowers’ lifespan.

Keep your sunflowers vibrant longer with our care tips here.

We’ll do our best to leave the flowers with a neighbor and will leave a note for the recipient. If that’s not possible, we’ll bring the bouquet back to our shop for collection. Please refer to our delivery policy for more details.

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