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Flower Delivery Amsterdam Artflor by Flowers & Powers

How to order flowers in Amsterdam, a quick guide

Whether you’re in the bustling heart of Amsterdam or the serene streets of Amstelveen, having a constant stream of fresh flowers in your home is a luxury that’s easily attainable. Flowers and Powers brings you an unparalleled flower delivery service that promises convenience, quality, and the joy of nature’s beauty with every order.

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Visit Flowers and Powers Online

Flowers and Powers nl Homepage

Begin by accessing our user-friendly website. It’s your one-stop shop for all your floral needs in Amsterdam, and now Amstelveen too! Whether you’re sending a gift or subscribing to regular blooms for your home, our site is designed to provide a seamless experience.

Select Your Flower Delivery Option

Browse Our Collection

Browse our Collection at FlowersandPowers nl

We’ve curated a variety of flowers for delivery that cater to every occasion, style, and sentiment. Our online collection is a reflection of Amsterdam’s own floral diversity, offering everything from the classic Dutch tulip to exotic imported flowers.


Regular Deliveries in Amsterdam and Amstelveen

Opt for our regular flower delivery service and take the guesswork out of maintaining a home full of freshness. Whether you’re in Amsterdam or Amstelveen, we’ll bring the seasonal best straight to your doorstep.


Customize Your Flowers Order

Customize your order at flowersandpowers nl

Flowers for Every Occasion

Choose flowers for delivery that fit the mood or event. Customize your order by selecting specific flowers, arrangements, and delivery frequencies that align with your preferences.


Valentine’s Day Bouquets

Show Your Love With LÁmour Red Roses Bouquet

Celebrate the day of love and affection with our thoughtfully crafted Valentine’s Day bouquets from Artflor. Each bouquet is made with care, bringing together the most beautiful and fresh flowers, perfect for showing how much you care. Bright red roses, soft pink tulips, and other lovely flowers are put together to create a gift that speaks the language of love. Whether it’s a new romance or a love that’s stood the test of time, our Valentine’s Day flowers are the perfect way to say ‘I love you’ in the most beautiful way. Delivered fresh and full of love, these bouquets are sure to make Valentine’s Day extra special and memorable.

Mother’s Day Bouquets

Daysies For Your Mom

On Mother’s Day, show the special woman in your life just how much she means to you with our stunning flower selections from Artflor. Our Mother’s Day collection is filled with gorgeous, fresh flowers, each bouquet carefully crafted to express gratitude and love. These bouquets feature a variety of flowers, from bright and cheerful daisies to elegant lilies, all designed to bring a smile to your mom’s face. Whether she loves classic roses or enjoys the surprise of a mixed bouquet, we have something that will capture her heart. Our Mother’s Day flowers are not just a gift, but a heartfelt message of thanks for all the love, care, and support she gives every day. Delivered with care and thoughtfulness, these flowers are a perfect way to celebrate and honor the amazing woman who means so much to you.


Easter Bouquets

Have A Colorful Flowered Easter

Celebrate Easter and welcome spring with Artflor’s vibrant collection of spring flowers. Our Easter flower arrangements are all about bringing the brightness and freshness of spring into your home. Filled with lively colors and sweet scents, these bouquets are perfect for brightening up any space and adding cheer to your Easter festivities. We’ve carefully selected a range of flowers that capture the essence of spring – from sunny daffodils and colorful tulips to fragrant hyacinths and cheerful daisies. Each bouquet is a burst of color and joy, symbolizing new beginnings and the beauty of nature waking up after winter. These flowers are not just decorations; they are a way to create special memories and share the joy of spring with family and friends. Whether you’re hosting an Easter brunch or simply want to bring a touch of spring into your home, our Easter flower collection is the perfect choice to enhance the celebration and spread happiness.


Fresh Bouquets

Enjoy our daily selection of fresh bouquets, perfect for any moment. Whether you’re looking to brighten your home, surprise someone special, or just want to enjoy the simple pleasure of fresh flowers, our daily selection is here to meet your needs. From classic roses and lilies to exotic orchids and cheerful sunflowers, our assortment includes a variety of flowers to suit all tastes and occasions. Our commitment to freshness means that each bouquet is as fragrant and lively as if it were picked straight from the garden. So, let Artflor’s daily selection of fresh bouquets bring a smile to your face and beauty to your surroundings, making every moment special.


Cute Christmas Flowers Collection

Get into the holiday spirit with our Cute Christmas Wreaths Collection. Our collection is a delightful array of wreaths, each uniquely designed to capture the essence of the Christmas spirit. These aren’t just decorations; they are handcrafted symbols of joy and celebration, perfect for adorning your home during the festive season. From traditional greenery adorned with bright berries and twinkling lights to more contemporary designs featuring unique ornaments and ribbons, each wreath in our collection is a masterpiece in its own right. Our wreaths are not only a beautiful addition to your holiday decor but also make thoughtful gifts for loved ones. They are made with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring they bring warmth and charm to any setting. So, as you prepare for the festive season, let our Charming Christmas Wreaths Collection be a part of your holiday tradition, adding a touch of elegance and magic to your Christmas celebrations.



Join our flower workshops and learn the art of floral arrangement. Whether you’re a budding enthusiast or a seasoned flower lover, our workshops are designed to teach you the intricate art of floral arrangement. Guided by experienced florists, you’ll get hands-on experience in creating stunning bouquets and centerpieces. Our workshops are more than just learning about flowers; they’re about embracing creativity, discovering new skills, and enjoying the therapeutic beauty of working with natural elements. Each session is thoughtfully structured to ensure you get the most out of your experience, from selecting the right flowers to mastering arrangement techniques. Join us at Artflor for an enriching journey into the world of floral artistry, where you’ll leave not just with a beautiful creation, but with memories and skills that last a lifetime.



Choose from our assortment of vases to complement your floral selections. Enhance the beauty of your floral arrangements with Artflor’s exquisite vase collection. Our carefully curated selection offers a variety of styles, sizes, and materials to perfectly complement your choice of flowers. Whether you’re looking for a classic glass vase to showcase a vibrant bouquet, a sleek ceramic piece for a modern touch, or a rustic terracotta option for a warm, natural feel, we have something to suit every preference and decor style. Each vase in our collection is chosen for its quality and aesthetic appeal, ensuring that your floral displays become a focal point in any room. Discover the perfect vase to elevate your floral art at Artflor, where elegance meets functionality.


Flower Subscription

Subscribe for a regular delivery of fresh flowers right to your door. Experience the joy of fresh flowers regularly with Artflor’s Flower Subscription Service. Our subscription offers a convenient way to receive a beautiful, fresh bouquet delivered directly to your door at a frequency of your choice. Whether you prefer weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly deliveries, our service ensures that your home or office is always graced with fresh, seasonal blooms. Each bouquet is expertly arranged by our skilled florists, offering a variety of styles and color palettes to suit your preferences and decor. With our subscription, you’ll enjoy the beauty and fragrance of fresh flowers without the hassle of placing individual orders. It’s the perfect way to brighten your space or delight someone special with a thoughtful, ongoing gift. Subscribe to Artflor and transform your environment with the charm of fresh flowers.


Delivery or Pick-Up

While we’re proud of our delivery capabilities, we also offer the option to pick-up from our store. If you’re on the go or prefer a personal touch, simply choose the pick-up option when placing your order.


Secure Shopping and Checkout

Add to Cart

Add to cart

Once you’ve made your selection, add your bouquet to the cart. This is the first step in bringing a touch of Amsterdam’s floral elegance into your home or that of a loved one. We can send flowers to Amsterdam Zuidas, deliver flowers to Amsterdam Noord. flowers delivery to Amsterdam West and many more.

Check Out with Confidence

Our secure checkout process ensures that your information remains confidential. Choose from our various payment methods for a hassle-free purchase.

Convenient Store Pick-Up

If you’ve chosen to pick up from our store, we’ll have your flowers ready and waiting. It’s a chance to see our florists at work and perhaps even select some additional blooms on the spot.

Enjoy the Bloom with Flowers and Powers

Revel in the beauty of fresh flowers every day. With Flowers and Powers, it’s not just about flower delivery; it’s about bringing life, color, and a personal touch to your daily living spaces.

Whether you’re seeking regular blooms for your home in Amstelveen or sending a floral surprise to someone in Amsterdam, our flowers for delivery are guaranteed to impress. And for those who enjoy a local experience, pick-up from our store is always an option.

Let Flowers and Powers be your choice for flower delivery in Amsterdam and beyond. Visit us today and see just how beautiful life can be with the perfect bouquet.



Below, you can find some of the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

How much does a bouquet of flowers cost in Netherlands?

A bouquet of flowers in the Netherlands typically costs between €35 and €1000.

Can you buy flowers at Amsterdam airport?

Yes, delivers flowers to Amsterdam Airport.

What is the best website to send flowers in the Netherlands?

ArtFlor is the top choice for flower delivery in Amsterdam and Amstelveen, offering a wide range of beautiful bouquets under €50 for quick and affordable service.

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