Make your world more beautiful, with flowers, plants, vases and pots from Flowers & Powers Amsterdam.

Flowers are like words; every bouquet is a poem. Are you looking for a compliment of three flowers in a mini vase, do you want to hug your partner with a grand bouquet full of warm colors or are you even thinking of a marriage proposal in a room like a flower paradise? We are happy to help you!

The best oxygen of a forest walk, you simply bring plants into your home. These organic air fresheners not only make your home more beautiful, but also healthy and fresh.

Just as a painting is only complete with a frame, flowers and plants belong in vases and pots. At Flowers & Powers you will find a very diverse assortment of pots and vases: from small to large, special or ordinary, in every price range.

Would you like to be creative with flowers, but you don’t know exactly how? In our workshops you will learn the intricacies of flower arranging!

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Would you like to arrange an afternoon flower arrangement with a group of girlfriends as a creative outing? Come visit us without obligation to discuss the possibilities, or send us an email.